Support Local Farms? Then Never Do What This Guy Did

I was surfing Yelp! recently, looking for a restaurant. “Hmm,” I asked myself. “I wonder if anyone’s ever given our farm a review?” Curious, I typed in the name of our Virginia farm, ‘Smit

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2 thoughts on “Support Local Farms? Then Never Do What This Guy Did

  1. Forrest – Too bad the reviewer didn’t contact you first and ask the simple question, ‘why could the eggs be different from my first experience?’ Uniform eggs are the product of ‘factorization’ of production. It is the beauty of diversity and yes, certain factors may influence each week. Do you provide information about your farm and operation? sometimes it is not enough to have folks ask, but to provide the information ahead time about pasture raised eggs. Just a thought. Be well and stay outa the wire…

  2. Forrest,
    As someone who often reads reviews before I purchase products, there is something I find to be just as powerful as a negative review, and that is the business’ reply to that review. A caring, reasoned reply, sharing the information as to why there was a difference in the eggs could actually be quite beneficial, and educational not just to the complaining customer, but to others reading that review–how many people understand what is going on with pastured eggs in winter when there is usually no pasture? Probably not many. Of course, it would be wise to offer the customer an opportunity to try your eggs again, by privately connecting with him/her and offer a free dozen.

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