The Cheapest Way to Produce the Best Egg

Just like all of us, John and Holly Arbuckle wanted to know what to feed their chickens that would get them the best egg for the least amount of money.  So they applied for a Sustainable Agriculture Research and Education grant and in 2013 they ran an experiment to see what the answer was. Their goal, as John describes it was " find out if laying hens would be able to make up for the under supply of nutrition lacking in sprouted wheat by foraging for insects in a rotationally grazed cow pasture environment. The reasons for that one goal were myriad. IF hens can lay competitively well while consuming sprouted wheat and pasture (pasture as defined here as anything they eat while on pasture. Worms and insect life will be included in that.) THEN: There is no need to buy a complete, balanced ration in the summer months. This would: Save money. NON-GMO bagged feed is $20 for a 50-pound bag right now. I can get Certified Organic wheat for $10 a bushel (60 pounds). More than a 50 percent savings. Reduce our Carbon footprint by reducing shipping. Our feed source is in Ohio. Wheat is grown locally. Reduce our Carbon footprint by reducing proc

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4 thoughts on “The Cheapest Way to Produce the Best Egg

    1. Hi Sam,

      Thanks for reading. I’m adding a link above to the body of the article for you.


  1. Nice article, and great idea for a test with pasture-raised layers. One question–where did the Arbuckles send their eggs to have them nutritionally analyzed? I’ve been looking for a good lab to test our own products.


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