True Facts About the Dung Beetle

While the narrator has some issues with what the dung beetle does and how it does it, there’s some great information in here about the life cycle of the dung beetle. Enjoy!

Tablet readers, here’s your link.

Need something a little more serious? This video talks about how much manure cows produce, how dung beetles keep manure nutrients from going into water ways and put them into the soils for us instead and how dung beetles improve soil structure, soil fertility, and soil all while saving farmers a lot of money.

The video points out that since different species of dung beetles work at different times of the year, and at different soil depths, you’ll want to check out your pastures to find out what you have and what species you’re missing.  Want to know how to collect them so you can move them to other pastures? That’s in this video too.

And the link for our tablet readers.

Here’s the website mentioned in the video for more information.


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  1. I’m wondering if you know the source of the photographic chart used to identify the various species of the beetles. We have several different one her on farm, and I’d like to identify and make an insect display for showing visitors.

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