Cow Taxis – Take Advantage of Urban Pastures to Expand Your Operation

Maybe it's the Zombie Apocalypse Prepper in me, but whenever I'm looking out the window as I'm driving someplace, whether it's around town, or on a longer haul, what I see is pasture. It could be a park, or an empty lot, or open space on the edge of town, but to me it's all forage, and a place that could be potentially grazed. Then I consider what it would take to put a cow, goat or sheep there and start figuring how much meat we might raise if we took advantage of these scattered parcels. So imagine my excitement when I ran across the Lubbers Family Farm's "Cow Taxi Project" on the SARE (Sustainable Agriculture Research and Education) website. Here were folks who not only saw the forage, but figured out a way to use it to feed their dairy herd and turn that grass into cheese. Lubbers Family Farm is just 10 minutes west of Grand Rapids, Michigan. There is a lot of development pressure around the farm, but there are still many undeveloped parcels. If the Lubbers could figure out an economically viable way to use these parcels, they could expand their dairy operation to support a creamery, and they'd also address local government's interest in preserving agriculture. Cows would remain a part of the landscape, pastures

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3 thoughts on “Cow Taxis – Take Advantage of Urban Pastures to Expand Your Operation

  1. It’s not a lab coat! It’s the white coat worn by all handlers at livestock shows. Perhaps it is just a UK phenomenon?

    1. Oh, I bet you’re right, it is a UK phenomenon. Or at least not something we see here in the U.S. But you know, if you’re wearing a special coat when you’re handling stock, I think it does show a certain level of respect. I like it! 🙂

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