Moving to Mobile Milking Parlors

There are plenty of reasons not to have a mobile milking parlor, especially if you just lived through winter in the northeast. Open air milking is for the birds when it's -20 out. But what if it made sense? Because you live in a more temperate climate, or you've gone seasonal, or you've got a place to park the parlor where it's not quite so miserably cold? Maybe then it would make sense to have a milking parlor that you could hitch up to a tractor and bring to the cows, instead of bringing the herd back to the parlor. This would also make sense if you were farming on rented land, or on land that was spread out. Or, maybe you and a neighbor were going to share the investment. (Making sure, of course, to develop a business agreement that both of you agreed to.) We were curious as to what was involved in mobile milking parlors, and went to look for them. The only farm in the US that we could find producing Grade A milk was at Organic Pastures in California, where Mark McAfee champions raw milk with a herd of 540. He built a parlor of his own design, and he moves it through their 500 acres of pasture to four stations with water, power, and waste management. After about 15 years of use, Mark said he'd still do it again, and milk with a m

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One thought on “Moving to Mobile Milking Parlors

  1. Interesting article as we have been trying to figure out how to milk the cows out in the pasture. Has anyone seen a robotic milking machine loaded onto a trailer and powered by batteries/solar power used any where in the world? That would seem to be the ultimate option – the cows can then milk themselves all day long, we go out and pull the trailer back to the barn once a day to empty out the bulk tank and clean the machine, then it follows the cows in their pasture rotations.

    Somebody has got to be working on this somewhere!

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