Can Science Tell Me If I Should Make My Bed?

I have a confession to make. No, it's not that I'm a science geek. You already knew that. My confession is that for decades I did not make my bed. I had a good explanation for this personal failing. I was a busy person and making the bed seemed silly considering I would just be getting in and messing it up again in 12 to 16 hours. But then something happened to me when we moved to Tucson, Arizona about a year ago. I started making the bed every morning shortly after getting up. I don't know why I did it. Maybe it was one little thing that I could control in a world that had been turned upside down by our move. I liked how it looked when I'd walk into the room, and so I kept it up. But now, a little over a year into my new, improved habit, I've read something disturbing: Research may indicate that we are healthier when we DON'T make our beds! Now what am I going to do?! Well, I'm going to look into the science behind this of course! I started with the article in Elite Daily by Gillian Fuller who explains: "Here's the deal: At any given time, there are an average of 1.5 million microscopic insects called dust mites living between your sheets. These tiny, beetle-like creatures feed off human skin cells and require a warm, damp atmosphere to survive and thr

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