Flexibility = Profitability

Everything I needed to know I learned in …high school?  Some of you readers may know that when I'm not working on the business of Pharo Cattle Company, I "moonlight" as a college biology professor.  Recently, I decided to take a temporary hiatus from my usual work to pursue a high school teaching certificate.  (I'm thinking that someday I may want to trade in my 60-mile commute to the college for a walk across the street to the local high school.)  At the moment, I'm in the final phase of my certificate, which involves one semester of student teaching with a nearby high school. All those of you who have taught or raised teenagers will know what I'm talking about when I say that a few weeks ago I looked out and realized I had lost them.  They had mentally "checked out"...I mean, way out.  (Would it surprise you to learn that this occurred in the midst of a very exciting algebra problem?)  I read the thought bubbles above their heads loud and clear "ugh – what does math have to do with anything important?" These kids needed a real-world transfusion, and they needed it fast.  Suddenly, this teacher had a thought bubble of her own.  I asked the kids to get on the Internet and find the price of feeder steers of several different weight classes.  Next we talked about how to find out how much cows eat as a percentage of their body weight.  Then we discussed the costs of maintaining a lactating cow – both on pasture and on hay.  Finally I turned them lose on t

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