In Case of Zombie Apocalypse, Save Me First! I’m a Farmer!

A few years back, about the time the TV Show "The Walking Dead" was starting to grow in popularity, my friend Leah Ashley and I jumped on the Zombie Apocalypse bandwagon in our own way. We created "Zombie Victory Gardens" to encourage people to grow food in their own backyards, and to give them information to survive and thrive should something apocalyptic really happen. We started a graphic novel series called "Quick! Plant Something!" following the adventures of a few Zombie Apocalypse survivors/backyard farmers, and created t-shirts and stickers that would make sure farmers get saved first when everything hit the fan. But What Do You Do Until Your Garden Grows? Eat Jello! Being able to grow things and raise livestock would be critical in a world without all our modern conveniences. But there's a lag time. So you need to feed yourself until harvest.  Most of the movies and stories about apocalypses paint this as a pretty dark time, but we decided  that the post-apocalyptic world doesn’t have to be depressing if you look at it the right way.  We figured that food is an important part of keeping our spirits up when the world is crashing around us.  So we imagined all that stuff that would be sitting on the shelves in those abandoned grocery stores that would still be edible and would be for a long time!  We remembered there’s always room for Jello AND it never expires. Then we did the research to provide our Zombie Victory Garden farmers with "Recipes That

All the grazing management tips you need

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