Sale Barn Calves Success Tips

There was an email message on my computer the other day that made me wonder just how many producers out there are afraid to buy calves from the sale barn. We have heard the horror stories, the calves just did not do well, the death count was just too high, the calves were hard to handle and just crazy. Now before this piece goes any farther I should issue this disclaimer, my son runs a sale barn and has for the last 15 years. So understand, I am not in any way promoting the sale barn business. But all of us in the production of livestock must realize that the sale barns of our country cannot operate selling killer cows and crippled or wore out bulls. One more thing and then I am going to shut up about the sale barns. These folks work on commission. The more you get for your animals the more money they will make, but we all must understand that if we, for whatever the reason, do a bad job of buying the blame is on us. The sale barn is just the agent of the sale. If an order buyer is to do the buying the purchaser must be very clear on the type, weight, sex and cost of the animal that will fit the program. BE VERY SPECFIC. If you have decided that you want to do the buying don’t get in a hurry. Go and just sit and watch for a couple of times just to get the feel of what is going on, pay attention to the type of calves that you are looking for, watch

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