Beginning Farming at the Dixon Place

Editor's Note: Awhile back I wrote a Scoop about getting started from scratch in farming and ranching, asking folks if they'd share their ideas or stories. Here's one from Don Ashford for us all to enjoy. I am not sure exactly what our thinking was, but there was no question it was time for us to be on our own. Donnie was beginning to walk and  become more of a handful for Betty and we needed our independence to begin to grow into being parents. When we moved in with my parents, everyone involved knew it was not to be a permanent arrangement, and it is true, no house is big enough for two women. There were never any harsh words or hurt feelings. It was just time for us to be on our own. We bought a little house in Brookstown on a little lot that required about 30 minutes to mow. It was located on a little cul-de-sac so there was not a lot of traffic and this made it perfect for kids. Not long after we moved to Brookstown, I went on a job down at Wyandotte Chemical. Every day we would pass Talbert's tractor Company and every day I would look with longing and wishful eyes at all of the red and green tractors lined up on display. I knew that a new one was out of our budget, but one day there it was: a little John Deere, bright green and just begging me to come and take home with me. Now understand we were living on a 50' x 75

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