USDA Revokes Grassfed Label Standard – NOT!

Pretty scary headline, huh! Fortunately it's not a real problem. After a decade as a Public Information Officer for the Bureau of Land Management, I have a little bit different view of headlines an

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6 thoughts on “USDA Revokes Grassfed Label Standard – NOT!

  1. Very interesting. Thank you for being concise in your explanation. I was certainly indignant when reading the headline and like most opaque situations there was a logical explanation. The downside is I will have to put down my pitchfork and torch until the next incendiary headline. Thank you!

    1. Thanks, Eric. That’s why we like the easy-on/easy-off torches. Makes for better hot-headed rabble rousing!
      Rachel and Kathy

  2. How much soybean hull pellets, citrus peels, beet pulp, etc can be fed, and still claim 100% grass-fed? How much molasses, molasses-protein blocks, etc. Can you link me to any info helping sort this out; FSIS or otherwise?

    I have customers who seek out 100% grass-fed, assuming that means diet the whole life was mother’s milk and forages. Also assuming that “grass-fed” means non-GMO feed for a lifetime.

    Here in the fescue belt/mid-Atlantic, it’s possible to graze year round, w/ hay as needed, so “grass-finished” typically means hay and forage alone. Though some producers do supplement in winter.


      1. In your future article, please also comment on the practice of feeding spent grain from local beer brewers within the definition of “grass-fed”. Thank you.

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