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Knowing When to Keep Your Money in Your Pocket

By   /  January 25, 2016  /  1 Comment

We’re devoted to checking the science to find out if practices will help you. Here are the questions we ask demonstrated with an example of bamboozlement.

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After years spent going to conferences and workshops and working with farmers and ranchers all acros
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About the author

Rachel and Kathy are co-editors of On Pasture. They often collaborate on articles so that you get the best they have to offer.

1 Comment

  1. John Marble says:

    Dear Kathy and Rachel,
    What a treat to stumble upon On Pasture. My goal each winter is to find new books or mags or sites or people (or religious teachings like Troy Bishopp’s) to, well, steal really good ideas from. Your site is very unique and I am simply thrilled. Kathy, I’ve followed your work for quite some time and one of my grazing gurus (Woody Lane) saw you speak at the Grasslands conference last month. He tossed your address on the board at our last meeting and viola, here you are.

    Keep up the good work.
    John Marble, Crawfordsville, Oregon

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