What is Your Plan B?

All of us try to have some kind of plan that will make some sense of what we are doing. There are discussions of paddock size, stocking rates and density and all of the rest of it. But in the event that all of it, for whatever the reason, goes bad, what is our Plan B? A reduction of numbers is one option, or feed a lot of hay, or maybe just hang on and hope it gets better. These are decisions that each of us must make at one time or another. And if again, for whatever the reason that Plan A does not work out, and you do not have a Plan B, the chances of big mistakes being made increase more than we realize. We never want to make a decision out of desperation. I know that I am preaching to the choir, but I needed a lead-in to this story that I want to tell. Back during the Great Depression my Uncle Gene was farming down in Ascension Parish below Baton Rouge at a little place called Brittney. My Daddy was a teenager at the time and he would go down and help his brother when it was time to pick the strawberries and snap beans and other produce that Uncle Gene raised. The produce buyers would come up from New Orleans and buy the stuff form the farmers for the packing companies located there. Times being what they were, it was in most cases a bu

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