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One of my favorite books is John Steinbeck’s Travels with Charley. He outfits a camper and hits the road with his standard poodle, Charley. The open road is one of my favorite places, and learning from folks while I’m out there is a dream come true.

Hitting the road to see folks this winter has been fantastic. The other week, Chip Hines headlined at Winter Green Up in upstate NY. It turned out to be an On Pasture reunion.

It’s an On Pasture reunion, with Morgan, Troy,  Chip, Meg, and Rachel
Chip Hines shares his wisdom with Troy and Meg

We might be reaching record numbers with that picture:  Chip Hines, Troy Bishopp, Meg Grzeskiewicz, Morgan Hartmann, and Rachel. Chip was his usual amazing self, and imparted wisdom to Troy and Meg, telling them to live long and prosper.

And the fun isn’t over!  Jim Gerrish will be down in Arkansas on March 11 for their Grazing Lands Conference.  He’s going to share how you can get more out of pasture to cut down your feed bill. Kathy’s heading to NW Pennsylvania on St. Patrick’s Day for their annual conference. She’ll explain why weeds are great forage, and teach you how to get your herd to take advantage of them.

There’s more to come, and there’s always the open road!

P.S. Written on an Amtrak train….



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