Pitfalls of Good Stockmanship

I can’t ever stress enough the importance of great stockmanship. Over time as I have improved my skills I have noticed there are a few pitfalls People will get mad. I was helping a registered catt

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One thought on “Pitfalls of Good Stockmanship

  1. Another pitfall:
    People will think that you are just getting lucky when you get the job done without any issues. My neighbors, all 3rd or 4th generation livestock producers, think I’ve just been getting lucky with my cattle…for the past 10 years. I calmly loaded a group of cattle onto a trailer recently, and my neighbor, who has hauled livestock for me since I started, finally asked me, “How do you do that?” It finally dawned on him that I wasn’t just getting lucky…now he thinks I was born with some special ability…like I am a cow whisperer.

    No, I wasn’t born knowing what to do, I had to learn like everybody else, and I attended schools by Bud Williams and Steve Cote, and I keep trying to learn by what my cattle tell me.

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