Creating Your Grazing Chart – Mapping Your Pastures

Here’s why I want a decent farm map with accurate acreages: • So I can make decisions about carrying capacity, field boundaries and fertility applications • To track field production data • As a guide to help family know where the cows are • To see and plan around unique shapes, sensitive landscape features and chart water courses while viewing the farm as it change over time • Because my organic certifier wants it • To make my grazing planning chart relevant There are conservation professionals that can help you map your farm or ranch.  The Farm Service Agency can help, but from my experience,their mapping delineates mostly cropland and leaves our hill-and-dale pasture fields unmeasured (although I think they would help if you asked).  NRCS and Conservation Districts seem much more adept at helping you map your farm from a more holistic perspective.  And since I am one of those grazing District peeps, I should know. Here

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One thought on “Creating Your Grazing Chart – Mapping Your Pastures

  1. Once I’ve got the lines drawn on my map, how do I download it as a file, save it, print it, etc? Thanks!

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