No Money in Grazing Dirt

Editors Note:  This previously appeared as a Guest Blog for the North American Devon Association At 45, I’ve seen many changes in my lifetime. Today’s reality check has me spending 75 bucks to fill my small pickup. I’m also stressing about the prospect of going from $600 to $2500 to heat my family’s home. I fill up at our local fuel station that has been in business for over 50 years. It’s funny to see the ole pump’s numbers highlighted with a Sharpie to indicate the now-obsolete technology because years ago no one figured gas would go over $ 3.99 per gallon. The relevance of this gaseous moment begins my day at the conservation district, trying to help farmers utilize their pasture resources better and offsetting the high costs of the above inputs.  Unfortunately,  I am fighting a tradition of putting the animals in one field until it runs out of grass and then feed them expensive “winter” feed for the rest of the summer.  The daily landscape I travel is dotted with way too many overgrazed pastures, or as I like to think of it, underutilized potential. Without my twisted passion for pastures, the grass demons would surely swallow you up if you witnessed this on a daily basis.  How do you fight the sh

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