How to Hire Potential Winners

Ken Blanchard (no relation) says that there are three basic approaches that you can take when hiring employees: Hire a winner. Hire a potential winner. Prayer. Hiring winners is unlikely – even the pros don’t succeed consistently. And there just aren’t that many winners out there. (Check out the link - you'll be amazed!) Prayer is probably not the best strategy when it comes to hiring, and I don’t advocate it as a strategy. ​ But potential winners are out there. They usually cost less to hire than established winners, and they’re easier to find. And you can train them to win on your farm, in your systems, instead of on somebody else’s. Three Characteristics of Potential Winners Potential winners possess three basic characteristics: good character, potential, and fit. You can train somebody to do a job, but you’re unlikely to change their fundamental character. When I hired employees at Rock Spring Farm, I looked for applicants who were honest and eager, and who cared about their work. Were they polite and forthright in their communications? Did they dissemble when asked uncomfortable questions? Did their resume line up with their references? At their interview, did they show up on time and wear clean clothes? Were their communications free of spelling and significant grammatical errors? Were they responsive to communications and did they follow up in a timely fashion? You want people who have demonstrated potential, so we looke

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