Getting Stuff for (Almost) Free With Non-Traditional Farm Business Ideas

Being a proficient grazier does not automatically mean your farm will be profitable. Production of your livestock or crops is only half of the battle. The other half, farm business management, is equa

All the grazing management tips you need

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4 thoughts on “Getting Stuff for (Almost) Free With Non-Traditional Farm Business Ideas

  1. While I enjoy and learn from articles like these. Very rarely it seems is there information that applies specifically to the grazing lands of the desert west, Arizona for example. I could be wrong but much of the information w/ regard to grazing practices contained in onpasture does not seem to apply where my interest lays, grazing cattle in the desert.

    Thank you and very good article.

  2. Meg, you are telling it like it is! That people need to open their eyes and see everything differently!

    Looking forward to your next article.

  3. The grazing renaissance was born out of the 80 farm crisis and the ’88 drought. An initially promoted idea was L.I.S.A., low input sustainable ag. i.e. graze whatever and don’t spend a dime. What a disaster!

    This failure of LISA was not the low input portion but a failure to comprehend grass physiology and great (not adequate, not good, but great) pasture forage management.

  4. Very good article and you don’t need to be just starting out to apply these principles.

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