Portable Solar Water Pump for Watering Livestock

This video comes to us from the Full Belly Project and shows a mobile solar pump system to take advantage of small streams and other water sources to provide watering for livestock in small pastures.  It includes a solar panel on what looks like a 2-wheeled cart, some piping and a pump. A team of designers, including Duncan Edwards and Jock Brandis, Full Belly’s Director of Research and Development, created this set up to help farmers who have off-farm jobs and need reliable, cost-effective solutions so that they can continue farming.

Tablet Readers, here’s your link.

The Full Belly Project is a North Carolina non-profit group dedicated to bringing efficiency to small farms around the world. You can learn more about this solar water pumping solution by contacting Jock Brandis or Amanda Coulter at (910)452-0975, or by email at info@thefullybellyproject.org.

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