Roll Over Protection Systems – The Life You Save Could Be Your Own

Earlier this year, Rachel got an email about a farmer who had barely escaped injury when his small tractor tipped and rolled over on him. He was lucky, but many aren’t. In fact, tractor roll overs are the number one cause of accidental death on the farm.

ROPS Safety Info

This short video from the National Farmers Union describes the importance of installing Roll Over Protection Systems (ROPS) on your tractors and then going the extra step of wearing your seat belt.

As the narrator reminds us, even if your tractor is old and isn’t worth as much as the ROPS kit you’re going to install, it’s not about the value of the tractor. It’s about the value of your life. So here’s a list put together by the University of Kentucky to help you look for the ROPS kit for your tractor.

Be safe out there!

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