How to Make Change…And More Money Too!

For the last month I've been writing about Cody and Deanna Sand and the Sand Ranch and the changes they made starting in 2011 that enabled them to get out of debt, start making a profit, and have more fun too. Thanks to all these changes, they were able to purchase land that they had leased for the previous 10 years so they could expand their operation. It's currently the only debt they carry. Deanna was able to quit her off-farm job because now they actually make money ranching. For years she'd driven  60 miles one way every day to work. Not doing that anymore made a huge difference in the whole family's quality of life. Calving season is a breeze for them since they moved to May June calving. No more going out in blizzards to pull calves, in fact, no more going out to feed in the cold and snow since they graze their herd year round. Cody jokes that they lay around a lot more now, though I find that hard to believe. What I described in the articles are practices that are relatively easy to implement from a labor standpoint, and there's even funding to help you do it yourself. So what's stopping you? Cody has an idea: "Fear." Fear Fear is a good thing. It can protect us from doing something stupid. But sometimes it keeps us in a rut. The changes that the Sands made meant they were leaving behind everything they knew. But what they knew wasn't getting them the results they wanted. When they realized they needed something to change, fear was no longer a big enough motivat

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