Still Suffering After All These Years

Suffering Farmer

Shannon Hayes piece last week, The Suffering Farmer, got some good comments on the site and on Facebook. Some folks read it and saw a new way to think about their lives, and that maybe suffering was in how they thought about and responded to things. Others read it and pointed out the things that were causing them to suffer. And there was a third kind of response – from people who heard the complaints and were ready and willing to talk about it more and offer solutions if possible.

Rachel and I were really excited to see all of these responses. We all know that naming what you don’t like is the first step in identifying what the solution is, whether it requires physical action, or mental and emotional adjustment. And we really liked that folks were willing to discuss more and maybe help think about solutions, which, after all, is what On Pasture has been about from the beginning. We wanted to give you different solutions to old problems that never seem to go away.

So, we’re inviting you to keep the conversation going. Read Shannon’s piece and then tell us: What bugs you about your life as a farmer or rancher that you haven’t found a solution for yet? Or did you find a solution for something you see lots of your colleagues struggling with? Share it in the comments section here. Help us all out!

Thanks for reading and for sharing!

Kathy and Rachel




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