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Whales Change the Climate

By   /  September 12, 2016  /  Comments Off on Whales Change the Climate

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Are whales “farming” to keep their food source alive and growing? Do they fertilize the oceans to make more fish and krill? And, like grass-based farmers and ranchers, does the “farming” they do sequester carbon, thus reducing greenhouse gases and keeping our climate steady?

This 5-minute video gives us a new look at the contribution that whales make to our oceans, the life in them, and the earth’s climate. Swimming from the depths where they feed to the surface where they breathe and release “poo-namis” of poo, whales circulate nutrients that feed the krill and fish they rely on to survive and help to sequester carbon on the ocean floors. As we’ve reduced whale populations through hunting, so too have fish and krill populations declined along with carbon sequestering.  It’s a great look at how all of us are part of a whole, even when our contributions go unnoticed.


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