Do-It-Yourself Vs Corporate

I had just turned 39 when Bob and I decided that we would go to the Moab desert to celebrate my landmark 40th birthday.  I have long dreamed of seeing Arches National Park. But first, I had to write a novel. So we aimed for heading out there on my 41st. But the novel was kind of long.  And I needed another winter to write the second half. So we aimed on heading out there for my 42nd. And then we bought a building and came up with this hair-brained scheme to put a cafe and farm store in it.  And I had to re-write the novel. Then I put my foot down.  We needed to go in 2016. But what if we were still working at building the cafe?  We were going.  But what if the cafe was open? We were going. Bob questioned whether it was a good decision, and I became wild-eyed. “No.  We have to go.”  By this point, it wasn’t really about Arches National Park.  It was about proving to ourselves that we could do this:  that we could do a farm transition, implement a creative expansion plan, and still know that we could do those other things that made our hearts soar.  When we first came back to the farm, Bob and I had written our shared goals and dreams.  And as much as we loved Sap Bush, we didn’t want to walk the path of so many other farmers we knew: the path where we become prisoners to the family business.  We wanted to know that we could travel, that we could take our children on adventures, that we could see the world bit by bit, and still ta

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