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Forty Plus Years of No-Till and Cover Crop Success

be-our-matchThink no-till is a new deal? Well not to Jimmy Standefer. He planted his first no-till cover crop in 1967. It was a failure. It took a couple of years for him to get his Dad to let him try it again. But the second try was a huge success and after that there was no looking back.

In this video Jimmy shares his 40 plus years of experience with no-till cover cropping, covering all the benefits he’s seen from improved soils to reduced chemicals to a healthier bottom line. He also talks about his rotational grazing system and what he’s learned about the importance of clean water to the productivity of his stock.

There’s nothing like hearing this kind of experience from someone who’s tried new things and has decades of success behind him. Thanks to the NRCS in Tennessee for putting this together. Enjoy!

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