Quivira Coalition Improves Rangelands and Prevents Fist Fights

The first week of November, Rachel and I took On Pasture to the Quivira Conference in Albuquerque, New Mexico to meet people and expand On Pasture's content to better serve our western readers. This great learning opportunity was best summed up by the last speaker, Lesli Allison of the Western Landowners Alliance. Having attended many Quivira Conferences she said that at each conference there was a moment when she was certain a fight would break out. After all, what can you expect when you have passionate people with sometimes with polar opposite opinions in a room discussing sensitive topics like public land steweardship or climate change? But those fights have never started and that's the magic of Quivira and what it calls "The Radical Center." Instead of battles or fist fights, Quivira has created opportunities for ranchers and environmentalists, country folk and city folk to come together, talk about what they need and want, and then find solutions that work for everyone. Quivira (pronounced either kwu-vera or key-vera) was founded on June 11, 1997 by two conservationists and a rancher. As one of the founders, Courtney White, describes, Quivira is "dedicated to bringing ranchers, environmentalists, public land managers and other members of the public together and to demonstrating that ecologically health

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