Is Becoming a Grazier an Economically Viable Option?

Back in December, John Marble began a periodic series of articles on how to become a grazier. He started with the question, "Why would you want to pursue this profession?" and offered this short quiz: Graham Unangst-Rufenacht made a good comment on that article. We are reprinting it here because is brings up an important conversation we can have as a community. We hope that by discussing this, we can identify problems and share possible solutions and resources. You can comment below, or if you have a longer response and would like it to appear in article form, please send it to Kathy and we'll work with you to publish it. Here is Graham's response.  I do not contest this author’s experience, but I do contest the accessibility of achieving number 1 on his quiz. Economic viability may vary highly based on geographic location (size of land parcels available, marketing options, proximity to major concentrations of population and wealth, competition, access to processing facilities, regulations by State), access to land, access to finances (you have to have money or land, to make money or acquire land – and if you’re trying to make money by farming to acquire land… this is extremely challenging), the color of your skin (98% of farmland owned in the US is owned by people identifying as white), and other factors. We need to have a real conversation globally and in this country (and in my State of Vermont) about the viability of farming, of producing food an

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