Farming is Easy Money!

Warning – Not Safe for Work (NSFW)! This is an oldie but goodie that we haven’t shared before because of the naughty words. We’ll be back to clean stuff next week, but since Forrest included it in his post, we thought, “What the heck!”

Since you’re here …

We need your help to meet the $15,000 annual match for our Conservation Innovation Grant. The grant keeps On Pasture going for the next 3 years, but only if we can meet the cash match. If we meet our goal this Spring, we won’t ask again in the fall. (And it’s our fourth birthday, so when you give we’ll send you a party favor as a thank you!)

We’ve made it to $1,000 in our first 2 weeks of the fund drive. Your help will mean so much!

Please help!

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