Holistic Management to the Rescue

Over the past four years On Pasture has shared articles about farmers and ranchers who have used Holistic Management as a tool to go from debt to profit, from mediocre animal performance to something much better, and from pastures and range that were in poor condition, to a landscape that is functioning and that works for livestock, wildlife and people. With all that going for it, we thought that this management tool might be something you’d like to learn more about. So we’re working with Holistic Management International (HMI) to cover what Holistic Management is and to share examples of how it has worked for a wide variety of grazing operations Holistic Management is a framework for looking at the needs of the landscape, the needs of the animals, and the desires of the people, and then developing a plan that meets those needs and desires. As Ben Bartlett, a Holistic Management® Certified Educator in Michigan, puts it: “You look at what you’ve got to work with – your land, your animals, your labor, how many animals you’ve got – and you look

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