15 Favorite Things – Or “How to Survive Farming With Your Spouse”

I love owning and toiling over the farm. Though sometimes frustrating, I derive a measurable satisfaction from the work. But have you met my wife? Julie is loving. Supportive. Encouraging. But

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5 thoughts on “15 Favorite Things – Or “How to Survive Farming With Your Spouse”

  1. Wow, Every word of that is true on my place, but one thing, my wife wont go outside to hold hands. But like you, we are struggling through. I grew up on a dairy farm where there were not excuses, because if not you then who, if not now, when. It’s hard in todays world to teach principles like that. but its the only way I know.

    1Watching my kids interact with the animals
    2Just listening when one of my children wants to talk
    3My children’s laughter
    4Twilight in a pasture
    5Calm weather
    6Cattle grazing
    7Dew on the ground
    8The smell of spring
    9Eating food I produced
    10Working with my boys
    11Old barns
    12Making new portable milking equipment
    13Planting trees
    14Listening to the birds
    15The sense of accomplishment

    Thanks for the exercise.

    I don’t have any money so I will forego the other 15.

  2. Take the time to hold hands, eat chocolate and play board games. I recently lost my wife and best friend for 28 years. We have a small dairy farm with 3 now grown children and I as well work off the farm. So yes cows to milk and take care of 7 days a week, days off never mind vacations. were few and far between. We finally reached a point where we could afford to travel and now all my travels will be alone. Do some of it now.

    1. Tom, I am so sorry for your loss. Thank you for writing this! What you wrote is exactly what I feel the author is missing. Hopefully, other guys will listen to you.

  3. You just summed up all the reasons why I am joyously and happily single and will remain so until the day I fall off the perch. When I was farming, I was the one doing all the grunt work in all weathers, whether I liked it or not, while spouse was losing jobs and spending a lot of time on computer games.

    Top thing on my list that doesn’t require money: Writing.

    Top thing on my list that does require money: Having my own home.

    At this point, the writing pays for the home and nobody is crabbing because I spend a lot of time writing (despite the fact that it brings in more money than my day job). Peace in our time.

    Actually, the top thing on my list that does and doesn’t require money is living in peace. Hooyah!

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