Greg Judy Talks Fencing, Leasing, Cow-Size and More

What are the best reels, fence posts and wire you can use for your temporary fences?

What are some rates you might offer for leasing a farm/pasture?

What size cows winter well on pasture?

How do you set up your watering system?

What are your secrets to success?

These are just a few of the questions Greg Judy answers as he and Justin Rhodes walk across the pasture moving fence. We rarely suggest videos this long, but all 19 minutes of this video are jam-packed with words of wisdom and ideas that you’ll appreciate.

The Great American Farm Tour

This video comes to us from The Great American Farm Tour. The Rhodes family is traveling across the country in their converted school bus visiting farms and ranches, doing interviews, and sharing what they learn via videos like this one. You can check out more of his videos here. Justin also provided these links to all the products that Greg talked about:

O’Brian fence posts
Taragate reel
Poly braid by Powerflex

You might be able to find these supplies locally, but if not, ordering from these links helps support the Great American Farm Tour project with a small percentage from each sale.

The Rhodes Family on The Great American Farm Tour




2 thoughts on “Greg Judy Talks Fencing, Leasing, Cow-Size and More

  1. The unused pastures in the east and south always amaze me. Out in Eastern Colorado and most of the west there are no unused pastures. Here a pasture coming open brings interest from several people and for top dollar. No sweetheart deals.

    1. Hey Chip,

      Thank you for the insight. How is the pasture out that way being managed? There’s a lot of it, but is it being utilized effectively?

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