This Man Has Collected 44 Years of Weather Data. What Did He Learn?

"One winter, billy barr started collecting data from his home in the Colorado Rockies. Four decades later, his 12,000 records are a climate scientist’s goldmine." - National Geographic billy barr (he doesn't use capital letters for his name) lives in Gothic, Colorado, one of the coldest places on the planet. He moved there as a young college student in environmental studies in 1973. The next winter, he began recording daily observations of his environment: high and low temperatures; total snowfall; snow depth, water content, and density; and when animals emerge, disappear, and migrate. He had no real goal in mind, other than to get to know where he was living, and to have something to do besides drink tea and read for 9 months of winter. "I enjoyed it and I was interested in it, so I kept it going, and after decades, all of a sudden it became useful to others," he says. A few years back, he started looking at his records more closely and he started seeing trends. He noticed that there were 67 record highs in the last three winters alone. He noticed that 48 percent of the record highs occurred after 2010 and 47 percent of the record lows occurred between 1974 a

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