One thought on “Vocabulary for National Talk Like a Pirate Day

  1. I write, novels, some tech; one story (still editing), is set in the late 16th century, Mexico, and has a parrot that belongs to an escaped Irish slave who turned pirate (with letter of marque from Spain). The parrot has a dirty mouth (for then, not now), repeating naughty things the pirate said in moments of passion. Favorites: “‘Allo, me lovely, a penny fer yet time, sweets.” “How be yer sister, me buck? Still working the Port Royal docks?” And so on. He says these things to anything that sits still long enough to cuddle up to. Turkeys, soldiers, a couple of ghosts, a priest, a horse, and a jaguar, for starters. No, he’s a parrot and it’s only sounds. At least until he finds his lady pirate parrot. Thanks for letting us know about ye olde speachify as them pirates day, me girl!

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