Insurance – Don’t Be Without It

Not long ago, On Pasture published an article entitled "Does the Lack of Affordable Health Insurance Threaten Farm and Ranch Viability?" The answer without question is YES. This is one of the decis

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2 thoughts on “Insurance – Don’t Be Without It

  1. Another option to look into are health care sharing ministries. A number of health care sharing ministries were exempted under the Affordable Care Act. As members of a sharing ministry, one sends a check directly to other members that have a shareable medical need every month.

    To give an example, from Samaritan Ministries International: “Every month, Samaritan members—70,000 households and more than 229,000 individuals—give directly to their fellow members who have qualified medical needs. Currently, this Biblical community shares about $25 million each month in medical needs.”

    Health care sharing ministries provide an affordable insurance free option (thereby helping lower costs).

    In full disclosure: my family are members of Samaritan Ministries. It has been amazing paying medical bills directly without going through an insurance company. We have had two medical needs (two births!) and have graciously had them paid for by other members, while we send our monthly share directly to someone else in need. I would encourage everyone to at least look into it and see if it fits your life situation!

    1. Insurance is only needed when we have a deficiency in community. There’re various types of community, they may not all be geographically based. As a member of a Mennonite community I do not need any type of insurance,The needs are always covered and yes it is considerably cheaper than profit based insurance.

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