Managing Ryegrass Our Way

This will not by any stretch of the imagination be an attempt to persuade anyone that this is the only way to manage ryegrass. This is just a simple way that we have found to realize the level of production that has been profitable year after year since 1997. We first used this system, for the lack of a better word, in 1997 with a set of stocker calves. This came about purely out of necessity. We simply did not have the financial wherewithal to buy a large amount of hay or feed. And to be very honest it was not our intention to make the feed man rich. We had spent 13 years in the dairy business doing that. Our goal from the outset was to make the ryegrass the sole feed source and that is exactly what we have done. Now there is no question that this is not generally accepted as the correct way to use ryegrass, and it is not my intent to argue about this, I will just make this point: We have grazed stocker calves, custom grazed heifers and for the last several years a small cow and calf herd. As in all cattle production some years are better than others, but we have never failed to make money with our ryegrass. The limited grazing system that is so popular down here in Louisiana requires the producer to put the cattle on the grass, then move the cattle off the grass and in the meantime put out the hay that will be consumed until the cattle are moved back on the grass. After milking cows for 13 years we were not looking for a system that was too labor intense. Moving ca

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