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Cowboys Herding Cats


Are you tough enough to be a cat herder? These cowboys show you what it takes.

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John Marble
John Marble grew up on a terribly conventional ranch with a large family where each kid had their own tractor. Surviving that, he now owns a small grazing and marketing operation that focuses on producing value through managed grazing. He oversees a diverse ranching operation, renting and owning cattle and grasslands while managing timber, wildlife habitat and human relationships. His multi-species approach includes meat goats, pointing dogs and barn cats. He has a life-long interest in ecology, trying to understand how plants, animals, soils and humans fit together. John spends his late-night hours working on fiction, writing about worlds much less strange than this one.


  1. Stick with beef. No, I like cats. They’re great for fattening hawks and attracting coyotes and rattlesnakes into the barn. I’m sure everybody appreciates their wonderful gift of doing that. But, Puss makes boots and kitten makes mittens. They call it imitation rabbit, as a furrier told a cousin many decades ago. Yes, this was a great video! 🙂
    Merry Christmas!

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