Fox Hunting in the Old Days

I reckon one of the problems with getting older is not all about being unable to do all of the things that we once took for granted. It is the thought that if we are not careful we will spend more time looking back rather than looking ahead. But even knowing this it can be a place to go when things are just too confusing and we can’t get our mind around some of what is going on around us. With that thought in mind I would like to share some of what was once our life. Every man is entitled to one good shotgun and one real good hound in his life. This is according to Homer Kent, who was one of my Daddy’s best friends. The shotgun I’m not too sure about because over his lifetime Daddy must have owned several dozen. The dog I am sure about, he was a black and tan and white colored Walker hound whose only shortcoming was that he was 1/8 Trig. Why this was a bad thing I was never sure. I was not even sure what a Trig was at

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