Everything You Need to Include in a Farm/Ranch Lease Contract – Part 1

Over the last few months, my Boneheaded Beef Business Blunders articles have related how I’ve been burned by ineffective land lease and custom grazing contracts. As a result, I've changed what I include in contracts. Below is a complete rundown of all the topics I am now including in my lease contracts. I will do the same next month for custom grazing deals. This makes for a cumbersome document, but like I said in my previous article, a landowner who balks at a long, thorough contract is probably someone you don’t want to do business with. These are just my thoughts and I’m not a lawyer. Before signing a lease contract, you should have your lawyer look it over and ask them if you have forgotten anything important! The legal fees are worth avoiding potentially expensive future issues. If you have not worked with an agricultural lawyer up to this point, definitely make contact with one. Using other people’s land and/or caring for other people’s livestock is legally risky! Even if you think you’re getting along really well with your potential partner right now, and you trust them to be fair to you, a lot can change over the length of a multi-year contract. The Basics Name of leasing farmer/business, mailing address, contact info Name of landowner/business, mailing address, contact info The landowner m

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2 thoughts on “Everything You Need to Include in a Farm/Ranch Lease Contract – Part 1

  1. Sorry to hear of your troubles. The school of hard knocks provides a valuable education even though at time the tuition is high. It takes courage and humility to admit mistakes, more so to share them in the way you have. This article was very helpful!!!

    Still trying to sell those cows. How much are you asking?

    Best wishes,

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