The Luxury Chicken Diaper Business is Booming

OK - I can imagine that some of you will find this exasperating - and you're right - people paying $17 to buy a diaper for their chicken so it can come in the house can really rub a hard-working farme

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2 thoughts on “The Luxury Chicken Diaper Business is Booming

  1. Here’s my idea for making money. Take the diapers off the chickens and then fatten them up and eat them. You’d save all the cost of the diapers (and tutus). Think of the stress you’d decrease for the hens when they don’t have to decide on which outfit to wear every day.

    Another idea: Start a chicken “naturalist” (nudist colony) in which chickens shed their aprons, diapers, and tutus and sit around a pond snacking on organic, natural bugs and seeds. Or it could be a B & B. Advertise on Twitter, Instagram, and in your local newspaper.

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