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The Luxury Chicken Diaper Business is Booming

OK – I can imagine that some of you will find this exasperating – and you’re right – people paying $17 to buy a diaper for their chicken so it can come in the house can really rub a hard-working farmer/rancher the wrong way. And then there’s this woman:

“We spend an insane amount of money. We thought we’d feed them leftovers, but our chickens end up eating grilled salmon, steak, fresh lettuce and organic watermelon,” one chicken owner, Amina Azhar-Graham.

Really?!  LOL!

But all the same, I laughed and laughed at chickens in diapers and people who pamper them, and at me and you because, hey, maybe we’re in the wrong business! 🙂

Here’s the full article for your reading pleasure.

And here’s a chicken in a diaper,

a chicken in a $22.95 “Hen Apron,”

and a chicken in a $15 tutu.

Let me know if this inspires any new business ideas. 🙂


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