An Egg Mobile From a Repurposed Trailer

When I rolled into Village Acres Farm in Mifflintown, Pennsylvania, the bright red egg mobile with a crisp white covering caught my attention, in part because it was showroom ready (it had yet to house any chickens). This was a new shelter build, and I made sure to check it over closely before leaving for home, because who can resist an egg mobile? The shelter wasn’t big enough to hold the hundreds of pullets I was dropping off, so I made time to catch up with APPPA member Hannah Smith-Brubaker to get some details about how she and Debra constructed the shelter. Hannah informed me that most of the shelter was repurposed from a nearby farm. This is a classic trash-to-treasure story and reaffirms that opportunity can often be found in unexpected places.   I won’t be sharing step-by-step build instructions, as I think most things are self-evident from the pictures. The design is relatively simple in concept while accounting for the welfare of the flock. Nevertheless, I field many questions about layer shelters, in part because there are more components to contemplate compared to broilers. I think this design is reproducible by anyone at larger and smaller scale. The shelter Hannah and Debra rescued was going to be sold for scrap by the other farm, so the first order of business was to tear it apart. They consider

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One thought on “An Egg Mobile From a Repurposed Trailer

  1. Love it! Thanks for sharing things like this; I enjoy seeing other farms’ ideas and methods. It’s been the basis for a lot of what I’ve done. This egg-mobile is snazzy.

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