How the Wahl Family Manages for Healthier, More Productive Animals and a Better Bottom Line

This is the first in a series about the grazing management changes the Wahl family has made and how it has improved soil health and increased animal productivity dramatically. It's drawn from an article by Robert Hathorne with photos by Tracy Robillard, both of the Oregon Natural Resources Conservation Service. I've added the videos they made and suggestions for how you can translate the principles the Wahl's are using to your own operation. *************** Pete Wahl started out as a rancher. Today, he runs a salad bar. It started when he sold the tractor two years ago. With it went the tillage equipment and the seed drill. You can’t very well farm without those. At least that’s what most would think. But Pete and the rest of the Wahl family have embraced a radical idea. Sheep don’t want more acres to graze, they want better food and more diversity on the acres they’ve got. The realization led to two major changes in the operation: 1. providing a diverse diet, and 2. keeping the flock on the move. A Diverse Diet To meet their flock’s nutritional needs and save money on hay, the Wahls broadcast

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