Cow-Q-Lators for Figuring Feed Costs, Cow-Calf Share Lease Rates And More

One of the reasons some of us don't track our costs well, or we find out too late that something we're doing is more expensive than we anticipated, is that math is hard! The folks at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln's West Central Research and Extension Center guessed that was a problem, so they've provided us all with a really great resource. It's this series of spreadsheets or "Cow-Q-Lators" to make it easier to figure out your costs! Just click on the table below to head over to the page and then download the Cow-Q-Lator that best suits your needs. Thanks, UNL! What other kinds of Cow-Q-Lators do you need? Or Goat- Pig- Sheep-Q-Lators too? Do you have something that you use that you could share with the On Pasture Community? Let us know in the comments below!  

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One thought on “Cow-Q-Lators for Figuring Feed Costs, Cow-Calf Share Lease Rates And More

  1. I could use a sheep-q-lator for making decisions about pasture.
    What is the value( in money) of a pasture?
    Does it make financial sense to fertilize? Overseed? Renovate?
    Cost of pasture versus other feed?

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