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Thank You, Rachel!

This is a selfie of Rachel (left) and Kathy (right) in Tucson in October of 2016 on a windy evening near sunset. It’s probably not a picture either of us love, but there aren’t many to choose from since we were rarely in the same place at the same time. Kathy was in New York in 2013 just before we launched On Pasture, and then again in October of 2013 for a week when Rachel was going through chemotherapy. (She’s fine now, and we’re so happy!) And then there was this visit by Rachel to Tucson in 2016. That we could accomplish so much though separated by so many miles says a lot about the kind of team we were!

November makes it 5 months since Rachel moved on from On Pasture, and I didn’t want her to go without telling all our readers and thanking her for everything she did.

As you all know, Rachel Gilker and I started On Pasture together back in March of 2013 and we spent the first four years working without pay to build the On Pasture community and to give you 8 articles a week. With her in upstate New York and me in Tucson, we were quite the dynamic duo, talking on the phone at least twice a day, and usually more. We could finish each others’ sentences and had lots of laughs at how we often had the same idea at the same time. On Pasture never could have happened without her. 

In June, Rachel decided to step away from On Pasture to pursue other interests. She and I felt like On Pasture was in a good place, with a year and a half of funding remaining on the Conservation Innovation Grant and with me having a good grip on the daily operations. She’s still there for me when I have questions and sends me plenty of support from New York. 

Thanks, Rachel for all you did to make On Pasture what it is today. 100,000 readers really appreciate it.




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