Free Guide For Managing Stress on the Farm/Ranch

Are you stressed? Or are you feeling anxiety? Turns out that there are specific definitions for these two terms. Understanding the difference, and labeling what we're experiencing lets us adjust our mindset. And that can help us manage the level of stress in our lives and improve our businesses and our health. Thanks to Charlotte Smith of 3 Cow Marketing and her husband, psychotherapist Marc Rott, we've got some new tools to work with. Let's start with understanding stress and anxiety. Stress is short term tension. It's something that pushes against you and you handle it and it's over. A little bit of stress can be a good thing. It can provide the drive and energy to get things done in the short term. Anxiety is a feeling of constant pressure from one thing or multiple things. It's something farmers and ranchers are likely to experience, having chosen a career that comes with more risk than your average office job. There are a host of things we can't control that affect us every day - like the weather, sick animals, new regulations and markets. If w

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