Prepping for Calving Season

For some the calving season is almost upon us, while for others, the start of the calving season is still a few months away.  The following are practices to consider in preparing for the upcoming calving season. 1. Pay attention to nutrition needs of bred heifers or cows prior to calving. Adequate body condition at the time of calving for young females and mature cows is important as it impacts stamina during delivery of the calf, colostrum quality, calf vigor, and also impacts subsequent rebreeding. Adequate nutrition during the last trimester of pregnancy and especially the last 50 to 60 days prior to calving is important. Two-year-old heifers and three-year-old cows are vulnerable during this time period. These young females are still growing themselves while growing a calf inside them. As this calf grows and takes up room, rumen capacity is impacted and the amount of feed the young female can eat is reduced. The impact of this condition can be compounded when this time period prior to calving coincides with bitter cold weather and available forage that is low in energy and protein. Body condition can deteriorate rapidly under these conditions. 2.  Review your herd health plan with your veterinarian. Discuss the production system, identifying critical control points where management could reduce risk and effectively improve herd health. Utilize treatment records from last year to identify particular areas where problems occurred.  Use this information to develop a p

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2 thoughts on “Prepping for Calving Season

  1. Dang it, all these years we’ve been calving in May after 5 weeks of spring grazing, drift moving the herd daily onto clean forage, apparently I’ve been doing it all wrong. . . looks like we supposed to have a bunch of equipment and spend some labor on this. . .

    1. that’s my thought exactly! i think we have some of that stuff around, like calf pullers and tubing bottle and a couple old lariats i wouldn’t trust. Might have some dusty old horse halters that probably won’t work for whatever it’s supposed to be used for in this context. Sure a lot of meds and stuff. Too much work for me! 😉

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