Lies, Scams, Disagreements, Misunderstandings – The Need for Written Agreements and/or Contracts

These two little stories I believe will illustrate where contracts or written agreements would have saved us from a lot of heartache as well as a considerable amount of money. This first one happened back in the 80’s but it I will never forget how it felt to be betrayed. And that’s exactly how it felt - a betrayal by someone believed to be a friend. This old boy was a cattle buyer and trader, but also our neighbor. and had been for several years. If we were milking in the morning and he drove up we knew that there was a calf to be pulled. Either this guy couldn’t or wouldn’t pull a calf. I never could understand why someone in the cow business had never learned to pull a calf. One spring he had bought a set of heifers that were bred to a white face bull and of the 40 head Donnie and I must have pulled about a dozen. But that’s what friends and neighbors did, they helped when they were asked or saw the need. One morning we had pulled a calf and while we were just standing around waiting to be sure everything was OK, he began to tell us about this deal he was putting together, and if we were interested, it could make us some money. Folks when you are milking cows for a living, any idea that will make you a little money is of interest. He claimed to have this deal worked out to send some cattle up North for those folks to put on winter wheat. Our son Donnie, who has been in this cow business since he was a little fellow, and I were not too impressed or sure

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One thought on “Lies, Scams, Disagreements, Misunderstandings – The Need for Written Agreements and/or Contracts

  1. Don,

    I’m sorry you experienced dishonesty and betrayal by people you trusted. I have experienced the same and it is painful.

    But I had a contract and I learned that a contract can be ignored by a deceitful person and unless you can afford an attorney to enforce the contract, the contract is worthless. The liar will face no penalties. The default will be considered a contract dispute and you won’t get any help from your state’s attorney general, though you should probably file a complaint

    I’m not saying not to use contracts. Just realize contracts are expensive to enforce and worthless if they are not enforced.

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