Successes In My Heifer Development Business

I spent my first four years in the grazing business running custom cow-calf pairs. It wasn’t profitable for me and I determined that it wasn’t the best use of my resources (as I discussed in some of my On Pasture articles in 2018). In spring 2018, I switched to being a seasonal operation. I bought 35 open yearling Red Angus heifers in April from a grass genetic cow-calf operation. I ran them with bulls, pregnancy checked them, and sold them at the Ohio Land and Cattle fall production sale in November. I expected to have some issues to work through during my first try at this project, and there definitely were. Some things went right, some went wrong, and though I ultimately took a loss on the heifers, I plan to raise another group in 2019. I feel that I can avoid making the same mistakes twice and can develop heifers profitably in 2019. Here’s a summary of what I did right with my 2018 group.   I set my stocking rate correctly when choosing to buy 35 heifers. They came in averaging 600 pounds, and were sold at 750-800 pounds. I had a big enough herd that they ate all the grass I wanted to remove. No grazeable grass was left unused, therefore converting the maximum amount of grass to cash. But it was not so big a herd that they exceeded the sustainable carrying capacity of my farm. I did no

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