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High Tensile Fencing Knots

Last week Greg Judy shared a couple of videos showing how he sets up effective, economical fencing using high-tensile wire. To make your own set-up easier, here are instructions for the wire knots to make the fence as strong as it can be.

These instructional videos come to us from Tim Thompson, an Agriculture teacher from Australia who makes a new farm skill how-to video each week. He adds, “I am also a middle aged bloke that believes in having a crack at new adventures from time to time!”  You can see more of Tim’s videos here.

First, here’s the knot for attaching a wire to a post.

Now, here’s the knot for connecting the end of one roll of wire to the beginning of the next. It’s a knot that only gets stronger as you increase the tension on the fence.

Finally, here’s the strainer knot, used when you putting tension into the wires. Doing it Tim’s way means you don’t have to spend extra money on other tools and crimpers.

This is just one example of what I call “Things Farmers Never Tell You.” If you have a tip or instructions for doing something that makes life easier, more efficient, and/or saves money, let me know! I’m collecting these to share with the On Pasture community.


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